Monday, December 12, 2005

seasonal affective disorder, injected with chlorophyll

Wandering in the now-vacant fields about the tall lush grass that reached my shoulders. Finding scents and bits of the spirit that fell into myself. And where was my own? Must've been denied upon entering. My body became less and less sexual in its normal biological reactions, though the grass grazed on my skin and murmured that I was very alluring and delectable and if I were to wander through these fields alone until my death, they would slowly savor my body in its decomposition. This last idea sounds very dark, but it was a natural thing to say for the element that may very well be my own. Dreams, you know. I wonder what sorts of materials each of us has that is foreign to the other. Materials not discovered within our gene pools!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


The vain sun usually pries open my sleep. I am now looking to the outside landscape of mostly hill and one quarter of a sky and it seems to me that snow would be on its way. No way, said yahoo weather. Sixty six degrees.

Andrew's cousin that teaches English in Japan has given me an offer to work for disney world. My mission would be to lead (or mislead hehe) groups of Japanese children all around the park, teaching them fragments of English. It is an idea.

Court was this past Thursday and is in continuance for the FOURTH TIME. I will not be expected to go. December 8 will either be spent in class or in Charlotte. But not court. Also this past Thursday, at two a.m., I left school to take a person to the airport. I lack 36 hours of sleep. But strangely enough, it was worth the trouble. OUT of my hair.

I am going now to make a sundial.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Cave and a Castle Interior

I am remembering on a saturday night, three exams, a presentation, a paper, and the program entrance review. My heart should be black. But instead, I am relying on Thursday of this past week to keep my bones from breaking while on the job. Like any day that was mostly spent grinning, good people were there to...i don't know...make the air easier to breath I guess. And also....it is important to note that after I doubted the existence of true altruism, strangers were of assistance to my random needs, however trivial.
Here you see my tiles. They were destructed by iron oxide.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

...and i closeD my eyes AND (i/she) SLIPPED AWaay!!

Here is my alter ego. She was attached to me almost all day.

I've also been critiqued of both the tiles that were reccomended for show. But a woman named Aelxa wants to make molds of both tiles for herself and a fellow student named Megan. I'm not exactly sure if I feel comfortable with this. I will post the tiles later.

Monday, October 10, 2005

glow in dark skin!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

to all of the "pretty little heads" that need not worry.

I have established privacy. For tonight anyway.
I would really like to express my gratitude of the encouragement that I was offered on Tuesday. Unfortunately (and I mean this word after the mirror that I effortlessly broke yesterday) my efforts to override a required course were smiled-off. When I say 'smiled-off', I do mean that Dr.Griffin disagreed with every word and looked at me as if I had blue eyes and a pink bow on my crown. HOw am I to erase "helpless child" from my cover? I do not view myself this way. Or maybe "helpless child" is also written in glow in the dark ink, in response to an unorganized unconcsious. I am not aiming to reach a conclusion, because those are never really that detrimental.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

there they all are--facing the door.  Posted by Picasa